The sapwood is pink with a grey tinge and is not clearly defined from the heartwood, which is medium red to deep red to deep red-brown.

Texture is moderately coarse and even, with interlocked grain.


The timber is a Light Hardwood with a density of 415-885 kg/m3 air dry.


The timber is suitable for joinery, furniture, high class interior finishing, flooring, decking, panelling, partitioning, mouldings, skirtings, fancy doors, door and window frames and sills, staircase (angle blocks, rough bracket and tread), plywood, railway sleepers, posts, beams, joists, rafters, pallets (expendable type), vehicle bodies (framework, floor boards and planking), ship and boat building (keels, keelsons, framework and general planking), cooling tower (nonstructural members) and other light constructional works.

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